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PLP-R/W (Audio Recordings of Small Books and Letter Books)

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Primary 1
Primary 2
Primary 3


Synonym Dictionary
English Idioms 

eLearning Materials

eLearning Materials 
Games and Video

Disney Online
Games and Extra
Grammar Book
Dress Up Game
Grammar Free
About Food
Online English Grammer
Children's Storybooks Online
Games for junior primary students
Using IT in Learning and Teaching
British Counsel for kids
Books Reading and Listening
Good Grammer, Good Style Page
English Songs Listening
English Words Learning
Better English (RTHK)
H.K. English Teacher Resources
Enlish At Home
Teaching about Phonics
Elementry Test of Listening
Cross Words and Other Word Games
Part of Speech
Comfy Corner
EDB Depository of Curriculum-based Learning and Teaching 


The Little Animals Activity

English Test

English Test
Crossword Puzzles Level 1
Crossword Puzzles Level 2 
Grammar Blast 
English Grammar Quizzes - Difficult 
Power Proofreading 
Flash Quizzes for English Study 
Jumbled Sentences 


ESL Hangman
Fun and Games
School Games
Kid's Place
The Little Animals Activity Centre
Concentration Game
Cuckoo's Clockworks
Language Arts

Language Arts

Poetry Society of America
Poetry Class 

Learning English

English Everywhere (RTHK)
Reading Comprehension
Phonics Grade 1
ABC Poem for Children
Primary School Resources
Reading and Writing Skills
Online Dictionary
Language Arts
English Pronunciation
Bright Ideas for Writing
Animated Classroom
Walk through Time
Recipes for kids
Fun in the Deep Blue Sea
A Healthy Diet
Easy Recipes for Kids


Kandoo Songs
Songbirds (RTHK)
Hpd's Nursery Rhymes


Clifford's Big Dog
Story Circle
Magic Story Theater
Daily Story
Create your stories